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At the Institute for Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Research we investigate the causes and effects of autoimmune diseases, in particular multiple sclerosis. The central aim of our work is to understand the invasion of pathogenic immune cells into the central nervous system and the consequential damage to the nervous tissue.

Our ultimate goal is that our work contributes to the development of new therapeutic approaches to treat multiple sclerosis.

Below and by clicking on the headings at the top of this page you can find out about our team, our research projects and our teaching activities. We hope you enjoy our homepage: may it deepen your interest in the field of neuroimmunology!

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Flügel

Institute news


Careers Day 2024: 3 high school students in the IMSF laboratory

On 25 April, 3 young people visited the IMSF. They learned about the cause and consequences of MS and how to stain tissue samples in the lab.

Scientists Goran Stegnjaić and Dr. Milica Lazarević (Uni Belgrade) during their first visit to Göttingen

DAAD funds academic exchange betw. UMG & Uni Belgrade

The IMSF has a joint research project with the University of Belgrade.


Scientific talk: Prof. Matthias Gunzer

16:00 h. Title: "The role of neutrophils in post stroke immune suppression". Host: Alexander Flügel

At von-Siebold-Str. 3A, Göttingen or online


Scientific talk: Dr. Naoto Kawakami

16:00 h. "A genome-wide CRISPR screen to identify key regulators of encephalitogenic T cell infiltration into the CNS". Host: A. Flügel. Hybrid.


2nd funding period granted for CRC Transregio 274

The Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 274: “Checkpoints of Central Nervous System Recovery” will be funded by the DFG for a further four years.


Online scientific talk: Dr. Simone Brioschi, USA

16:00 h. Title: "So close and yet so different; mechanisms orchestrating development and specification of CNS macrophages". Host: Francesca Odoardi

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